Ulzzang’s Facebook and Twitter

Feizl n’ Ulzzang’s Official Twitter : www.twitter.com/feilzzang

Facebook :

Gwak Min Jun www.facebook.com/kwakminjun

Hwang Ji Min

Jung Joon Young http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000179431831

Kang Sun Mi http://www.facebook.com/kSun2y

Kim Bo Bae

Kim Min Jun http://www.facebook.com/meoroi

Kim Ye Seul

Park Tae jun http://www.facebook.com/PTJ1985

Park Sang Jun

Lee Tae Gyun http://www.facebook.com/facefukc

Lim Jae Sung

Sim Dong Hyeon

Yeon Ji Hee

Yu Ha Min

Kim Hye Ju

Shin Seol Ki

Jo Ga Eun

lee do hyeong

Twitter :

Byeon Ji Young https://twitter.com/#!/bjy__

Do Hoe Ji https://twitter.com/#!/hoeji

Gwak Min Jun: http://twitter.com/mjmonkey

Ho Jun Yeon: http://twitter.com/92jun

Hong Young Gi http://twitter.com/#!/YK0729

Hwang Ji Min: http://twitter.com/geomeunsae

Jin Young http://twitter.com/#!/suljin0

Jung Joon Young https://twitter.com/#!/joon0_jung

Im da hae : http://twitter.com/imdastyle

Im i rang : http://twitter.com/Lim2gether

Jung Hyunjoo . http://twitter.com/s2_4444

Jung Bo Ra http://twitter.com/#!/BlueBird_J

Kim Do Yeon http://twitter.com/#!/baddoll_com

Kim Hye Ju http://twitter.com/hyefox11

Kim Min Jun http://twitter.com/meoroi123

Kim Myoung Jae: http://twitter.com/yoinkee

Kim Seul mi http://twitter.com/#!/seulmigim

Kwon Su Jeong: http://twitter.com/Crystal__K

Lee chi hoon http://twitter.com/hoonroro
Lee Do Hyeong http://twitter.com/Rikun2

Lee Geun Hee http://twitter.com/HeeTaMa1

Lee Ye Ji: http://twitter.com/star_yj

Moon Dam Bi http://twitter.com/#!/danbiiimon

Park ji hoo http://twitter.com/JHHJAISTER

Park Tae Jun: http://twitter.com/ABOKIST

Seo min woo : http://twitter.com/minwoo0208

Shin sol ki http://twitter.com/SolKi86

Song chan ho http://twitter.com/Chanoopy

Yu Ha Min: http://twitter.com/hammingchu

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  2. Giving is better than receiving because giving starts the receiving process. Jim Rohn

  3. i need twitter yamor ^^

  4. Angel Abeto says:

    ^_^ why park tae jun’s facebook account can’t open ?

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