Feizl Jia Xiaolong 2 + PROFILE

Posted: 1 January 2012 by nha3193 in Feizl, jia xiaolong
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remember about this pretty boy?? 😀
let’s take a look his more pics ^_^

doesn’t it look hot??

Name: Jia Xiaolong (贾晓龙)

English name: Coric

Birthday: February 28, 1992

Height: 181cm

Weight: 56kg

Nationality: Chinese

Constellation: PISCES

Blood type: AB

Measurements: 85/71/96
Native place: Lanzhou, Gansu
Specialty: dance College
Hobbies: singing and dancing performances
Hobbies: self portrait of listening to music
Most appreciate place: dental eye leg

Favorite fruit: watermelon
Favorite season: autumn
Favorite sports: swimming fitness
Favourite cartoon character: boy,
Favorite color: black red white pink
Favorite music: can touch your music
Favorite movie: can touch his own films
Favorite foods: snack sushi-Cola
Favorite cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo
Favorite Idol: Vivian Hsu and the Woder Girls, and Beyonce

Favorite TV shows: the Emperor Kangxi to the
That the most meaningful movies: the dream girl
Pain in the neck: hypocrisy, arrogance, inconsistency of human
Annoying thing: rain, natural disasters, pending
Ideal: a sweet, kind, filial, character good

  1. Kirio Shuji says:

    wow!!..he’s such a cute boy
    btw, can u post about lu mengxin??
    he’s one of xiaolong’s colleague..

  2. Kirio Shuji says:

    did u manage to search him?

  3. Kirio Shuji says:

    that lu mengxin…i found his pics been used widely by imposers these days…oh yes his other name is daisuke

  4. Kirio Shuji says:

    no i mean…that’s mengxin other name not xiaolong..hehe…

  5. TheOnion says:

    Makes me wish I was gay…

  6. hello my friend how are you you are so cool and handsome like song chanho you and chan ho i really like thumbs up to vote of you muahhhh

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