ulzzang kim jee in

Posted: 29 April 2011 by han rae ra in ulzzang
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name : kim jee in / 김지인

D.O.B : 2 oct 1989

weight : 38 kg (?)

twitter : –

fb : –

if im not wrong, she join G-market

  1. Ulzzang Boys says:

    Name: ArroQurr
    DOB: November 13
    Profession: Author, Musician
    (Also known as Prince)

    ArroQurr Biography
    ArroQurr made his album when he was 16 in 2000. Not only that his techno-pop music attracted many fans, his performance style and fashion sense were talk of the town too. Arro released his album, “Poem for You” in 2000. He was a tennis player and attended colleges on scholarship; and admitted into university. Arro remains as one of the most popular Asian star currently.

    ArroQurr Related Websites

  2. Kelly says:

    arroqurr is the number one…

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