Feizl Diedi Liu

Posted: 28 April 2011 by nha3193 in Diedi Liu, Feizl
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Diedi Liu

D.O.B : 18 October 1993

Blood Type : O

Height & Weight : 166cm & 41kg

Wretch : http://www.wretch.cc/user/diedi

  1. vynnxoxo says:

    hey, do you have his real link? please, i found lots of fake of him

  2. Rhysa Gee says:


    not sure quite if this is his facebook account..

  3. i want to know what is Feizl mean ???

  4. eychan says:

    yeah~ oppa <

  5. huahua says:


  6. MariaDate YumJeeKyeong says:

    Oh Gosh..the same age with b.a.p daehyun..

  7. detectivekey says:

    Hei~~ Diedi is a girl or a boy?

  8. fazung Kr says:

    I want his Facebook so much….
    Can u tell mee????

  9. haruka says:

    i thought diedi is a tomboy …but i guess so.., im glad to know that she’s a girl 🙂

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