Feizl Hua Hua Liu

Posted: 23 April 2011 by nha3193 in Feizl
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My Favourite Feizl ever..

HuaHua Liu

Tomboy, but she’s great..

  1. Park Ha-Neul says:

    diedie also tomboy???

  2. resurie says:

    i’m inlove with you hua hua .!! ^o^

  3. echa_nandia says:

    ha? really hua hua liu is a girls? i cant to believe?

  4. Lovely komi says:

    Diedi u are so cute&also handsome ^^

  5. Ima Motto says:

    What she’s a girl
    I think he is a boy

  6. fe-gi says:

    he is a boy !

  7. my PIN:291eb705
    add me^^
    i am from saudi^^

  8. do you want to know Hua more ? i’m her friend.. ^^

  9. there is not have Hua’s facebook and twitter (real) yet ? 😮

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